Boost your immunity without medication


Immunity is all we need during these tough pandemic years. Most of us by now have switched to a healthy diet for improving our immunity. Our immune system plays a major role in protecting us against various diseases. How can we boost our immunity without taking medications? What are the ingredients that can help boost our immunity? What should we do when we notice slight changes in our body health? Let us see more about these in this article.

Prevention is better than cure. Definitely yes, it is better to protect ourselves now than when it is late. The immune system is activated by various things that our body does not recognize. The immune system stores the information of the foreign member(bacteria, virus, fungi, etc) that come in contact with our body. Next time when the body encounters the same bacteria, virus, or fungi, the immune system recognizes it and reacts faster than the first time. With the change of lifestyle and food style, our body’s immune system has become weaker. Falling sick often means that our immune system isn’t fighting as it used to do before.

Notice the signs the body gives saying that the immune system has become weaker. Frequent catching of cold, frequent infections, fatigue, digestive issues, increased stress is some of the signs that show the immune system is weak. We can build our immune system by adding a healthy diet or maintaining a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, healthy fats, whole grains, and lean protein should be included in the diet.

Build your immunity by adding various ingredients to the daily diet. Having citrus fruit helps the body build the immune system by increasing white blood cell production. Yogurt improves your digestive health. There are other ingredients that you have in the kitchen that help boost your immunity. A simple rasam can help increase your immunity and fight the flu, sore throat symptoms. Ginger garlic soup can boost your immunity. And there are more recipes you can try to improve your immunity.

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How to boost your immunity without medication

5 ingredients that can help to boost your immunity

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C. Physicians usually prescribe vitamin C supplements for the common cold and flu. Vitamin C is considered to be a great immunity builder. As said earlier, vitamin C helps in building up your body’s immune system by increasing white blood cell production. Citrus fruits include lemon, oranges, lime, etc. You may include oranges in your diet during the season of oranges. Lemons are available all around the year. Squeeze the lemons and make juice out of them or you can add lemons to your rasam.


Garlic is considered good for health. It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Supports immune function. It May Help in reducing blood clotting. Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties for many years. Adding garlic to the diet isn’t very difficult. Most of the cuisines do need garlic as an ingredient. Pepper garlic rasam can be a good option if you are suffering from a common cold and cough. Black pepper has anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the ingredients used in cooking do one or other health benefits. With regular usage, you will slowly build up your immunity.


Ginger is used in most recipes. It has medicinal properties. It might help in easing the cough. Ginger may help fight flu and the common cold. It helps in digestion. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. If you catch a cold try out ginger tea as a remedy. You can try ginger tea variations too. Daily intake of ginger may help improve your heart health. Ginger can be used in raw, dried, paste, or juice form.


Turmeric and its active compound curcumin have health benefits. They may improve your heart health. Turmeric is used as first aid, You can apply turmeric powder on small cuts or wounds. Turmeric helps in cleansing the respiratory tract. It helps fight infection. And turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. A most common ingredient that has been used for cooking. Again when you catch flu, turmeric milk can be an option as a remedy.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are packed with vitamins. They are high in minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, Phosphorous, etc. They are also rich in dietary fibers and low in fat content. Green leafy vegetables protect the body by strengthening the immune system. It may also help in recovering from a few health conditions like mineral deficiency, poor immunity, constipation, certain heart diseases. Green leafy vegetables include broccoli, spinach, cabbage, beans, lettuce, etc. You may prepare soups, salads, sabzi’s, etc.

Conclusion-How to boost your immunity without medication

Switching to a healthy diet can improve your immunity. Most of our grandparents were strong and healthy. The reason is they preferred home-cooked food to avoid digestive trouble and other health issues. Their diet included all possible spices, vegetables, and fruits which helped them build their immunity. Also, they kept themselves busy with work or agricultural activities. Home-cooked food is usually nutritious. There are many other ingredients apart from the five listed above that can help boost your immunity. All you have to do is include them in your diet.

Points to consider.

  • Adapt to healthy eating. Include all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and spices in your diet.
  • Do a good amount of exercise to keep yourself young and fit. Do not stay indoors all the time. Children are addicted to video games, tv, phones. This means they get less exposure to the outdoors. Playing outdoors is also one way to build your immunity.
  • Getting good sleep is important.
  • High-level stress can weaken your immune system. Try to minimize the stress.



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